Yes, We’re Dating

Ever since Kris and I met (and before we even started officially dating) our relationship status has been a major point of speculation. We’ve seen the curious glances, watched people awkwardly hint at it and have been asked outright by the most blatant if we were a couple.

Well, we are. We’ve been an official couple for over a year now and while our friends and family have been privy, we figured it was time to come clean to everyone else.

Over the past year and a bit, we have decided to keep our private life as private as we can, opting out of posting mushy pictures on Facebook and being as professional as possible but it’s a funny thing when people who don’t even know us can pick up on our relationship. Despite trying to keep it professional and not make our relationship a conversational point, we have been asked multiple times during recent pitches and events if we are, in fact, dating.

We laugh and tell them we are.

Since we first met, Kris and I have had a really amazing bond literally finishing each other’s sentences or saying exactly what the other person is thinking allll the time. We met when he was playing hockey for a team in Cornwall and, after breaking his finger, took on the role of Sales & Marketing Director. I had been helping out with the marketing for the team but was one foot out the door when I got the call to come in and meet this new guy. We’ve been told by those in the room when we met that the spark was apparent right off the bat. But we denied it and grew our friendship and killed it as a team.

Taking our time to figure out what we were to each other and what we wanted has made all the difference and being on this startup journey together is a rollercoaster in itself. Our teamwork is undeniable and when we put our minds together we seem to create magic. Dating your startup co-founder is truly not for that faint of heart because you literally spend every waking moment together and you have to truly enjoy the other person’s company.

We have spent countless hours building our business, driving for hours to meetings and events and just hanging out and our relationship just seems to work. We couldn’t imagine being on this wild ride with anyone else and quite frankly, I don’t think we could change the world the way we are planning to if we were doing this with different counterparts.

So, for all those who have been looking for confirmation…. Yes, we’re dating and have been for a while!

5 thoughts on “Yes, We’re Dating

  1. Oh. I was not aware this was a speculation. I, mistakenly, thought you guys were clearly together and never questioned it once. Huh. Guess I was assuming a lot. 😉


  2. Always knew you were made for each other 😀 Super happy your sharing your journey with world . Wish you both all the happiness and success in the world xoxo


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