The Hardships of App Development

This day and age most people have probably thought to themselves at some point “Hey, I should create an app for that!” A lot of people throughout the history of time have probably thought of some amazing business ideas as well, but the funny thing about a lot of people is that many of them don’t act. Mainly because they aren’t sure how to proceed.

When we thought up the idea for FanSaves, we knew we’d have the business part down and that we could do the sales and marketing in our sleep but getting our app made, the most important part of our business, was new territory for both of us.

We didn’t let that stop us. We forged ahead and let me tell you, have we learned. Dear, God have we learned. In the time span of a year (when we first conceptualized FanSaves) to now, getting the app we envisioned has been a long and winding, not to mention expensive, road. Currently, our app is still in its simplest form and quite frankly has put us much behind schedule.

Fortunately, the more you network and the more you talk with people the more, it seems, that people want to help you. We have been through some hardships and heartbreaks and days when we asked ourselves “What the hell did we get ourselves into?’ but all of this has led us to a new avenue and a great team that is going to give us the app we have dreamed of.

Getting to this point has definitely been the most frustrating journey as, not only have we lost money but also really important time. The wild thing is, in our networking and talking to people we have found out that these hardships are not uncommon. These app demons we have faced are actually way more popular than not and it seems that a lot of startups get sucked into this hell.

If we have learned anything it is to always get multiple quotes and dig deep into the person or business developing your app (ultimately, bearing your child if it could be compared to anything). We’ve learned that shit happens but that you have to keep moving forward and we’ve gotten really good at learning about code jargon and what things in the coding world mean. We’re not coders by all means but understanding what is going on in your app truly makes a world of difference.

The hardships in app development, while not uncommon, shouldn’t scare you if you’re thinking of getting one made but just heed caution and don’t let anyone take advantage of you. Speak to people who have been in your shoes and get as much advice as possible before jumping head first into the deep end of a shallow promise. If it’s truly something you need, learn from us and don’t be too trusting. Get referrals and if anything seems too good to be true, remember, it most likely is.

Also, be prepared to spend a good chunk of pocket change if you want something that looks good and functions properly. But hey, if you believe in your business enough you’ll know that the investment you put into your app will come back to you tenfold.

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