Ramen Profitable

At FanSaveswe have been embracing the startup life. We’re all in and we put every spare penny into our company. If you’ve ever bootstrapped a business, chances are you’ve lived this stage and you know that it can be hard. Instead of complaining and feeling sorry for ourselves we choose to keep our eye on the prize and to stay positive knowing that our hard work will pay off. 

They call motivated entrepreneurs “hungry” for a reason. Yes, we’re hungry for success, for growth, for the future but we’re also, literally, hungry. Eating healthy is expensive and when you’re putting all your money into your business, sometimes you need to decide between the pricey produce or gas to get you to your next meeting. Produce never wins. Ramen is cheaper.

We realize that eating healthy, working out and taking care of our bodies is important and we can’t wait until we can get back to that point where we can split our focus and take time to do so. Right now though, we’re okay because we know that sacrificing expensive meals now will give us the good fortune to survive on expensive meals in the future.

Plus, you really learn to appreciate the value of how far a dollar can go at the grocery store when you’re actually a starving startup.


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