Let the Universe Help You

For anyone who questions the universe’s intentions, here’s a quick story:

We met Sylvie Demers from Mobile Optician Services d’Opticien Mobile at the Startup Ottawa Pitchfest in June (we sat next to each other in the audience) and we hit it off right away. We saw her again at the eSax Networking Pitchfest a couple of weeks ago where she won 2nd place!

Going into the Pitchfest we secretly hoped we’d win 2nd place… usually we’d want to win 1st but the prizes for 2nd were right up our alley. They included breakfast with Bruce M Firestone, PhD, mentoring sessions with Steve Cody and Teresa Scrivens and a gift certificate for Podcast Wagon.

We were a bit sad when we came in 4th but let me remind you about the good old universe, working in mysterious ways!

Yesterday, Kris and I met up with Sylvie at a coffee shop in Ottawa to catch up. She is always such a sweetheart! At the end of our hangout she told us she wanted to donate a few of her prizes to us that she won at the eSax event! She then presented us with the exact things we’ve been desperately asking the universe for and we were just beyond ecstatic at her generosity to pay it forward!

We are so excited, happy and grateful for Sylvie’s generosity and we’d like to thank her so much again! She and Jarrod Goldsmith are amazing people and we are so lucky to have met them through networking in Ottawa.

Thank you, Universe! We can’t wait to see where these gifts lead us.

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